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Purple Skies

Empowering, educating, and motivating you to live a

  purpose-driven life

with passion and intentionality.


Hi, I'm Maki

I am a woman who understands there are many twists and turns, peaks and valleys on life’s journey.

My journey made me into the person I am

today: resilient, tenacious, and courageous.

I have walked the “Road Less Traveled” where I was guided, encouraged, and pushed to do the work that was and is necessary to heal, grow, and be the best version of myself I can be, both then and now.

Through it all, I have accomplished many things by simply doing the work. The most important thing I’ve learned is how to have a relationship with myself. To be fully present for myself, my life, and the people and the things that matter to me; that is a priceless gift. A gift I hope to extend to you.


I am here to lead and inspire people to deepen their relationship with themselves by engaging in activities that energize their body, mind, and spirit. All it takes is one small step, one moment, one day at a time. In fact, you’re doing it right now just by looking for help! Doing the work in wellness coaching requires a shift in mindset and an understanding that it is a process.

Coach Maki smiling amid flowers

C.P. Sennet

“If nothing changes, then nothing changes.”
Coach Maki against a mural of butterflies

Change can be scary and overwhelming to navigate the wheres and hows to begin and to sustain. That’s why working with a coach is helpful. As your coach, I will bring clarity to your heartfelt dreams and desires by teaching you to live a purpose-driven and whole life. We will define what that means for you, why it matters, and create action steps to realize your vision.

As your coach, I will encourage you to stay on course and focus on what you are doing well. I will remind you that small victories are actually BIG WINS! I’ll keep you accountable by challenging you to stretch and reach higher just enough to experience breakthroughs and growth. You will tap into your strengths, regain confidence, and see what is possible.


I will help you to live with purpose and on purpose by starting with where you are right now and taking you to where you want to be.

How I Can Help You

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