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What is Wellness Coaching?

Professional coaches have historically been recognized for helping athletes and executives to work efficiently at their peak performance. Likewise, professional health and wellness coaches help people reach high levels of health and well-being.

Online Consultation

As your coach, I am your collaborative partner helping you to reach higher levels of physical professional performance, as well as health, emotional, and mental well-being.

What we can do together:


Starting and maintaining a workout program that suits your lifestyle and needs.


Improving restful sleep habits to increase energy levels and productivity


Managing and reducing symptoms of medical conditions, like hypertension, diabetes, & cholesterol


Creating healthy ways to practice stress management 


Developing and sustaining healthy eating habits


Organizing your time and space in a way that honors your goals and efforts.


Assisting with professional development and growth


Guiding you through life transitions in a meaningful fashion


As my Client

 You will experience a great listener that fosters self-acceptance and self-respect. I hope to arouse, engage, energize, and challenge you to reach higher in the right moments by taking risks and asking you courageous questions. I will encourage you to sit in the uncomfortable emotional moments to energize your desire to change and tap into your strengths and values. Most importantly, I will celebrate your successes.

I promise to:

Meet you where you are

To help you get where you need to be

Define your purpose of wellness

So you're headed in the right direction

Set realistic goals

That are both meaningful and attainable for you 

Guide you through mindfulness practices

To be intentional and increase awareness

Realize your desire to be well and whole

And work with your natural desires and motivators to get you there

Harness your strengths

To help you move through ambivalence and fear

Let's get started on your journey:

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